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Zephyr Charters DJ Bookings

Always keen for a day on the water!

Please reach out below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

For more information on Jake you can read his Bio here.


Will I be able to make song requests?


Yes, definitely!

You will have the following options:


  • Submission of a 30 song Spotify playlist. Jake will then prepare this so your favourite songs can be played throughout the charter!

  • Any direction given via emails

  • Any direction given via the online booking forms 

  • Any direction given through an optional  phone call 2 weeks prior to your charter


For more detail on all these processes please click here.

& ​​for a quick tutorial on how to share a Spofity Playlist with us please click here.


What equipment will Jake bring?


  • DJ Decks

  • 2 large powered speakers (QSC 12.2k’s)

  • Additional connection to the boats sound system for a surround sound experience

  • Wireless microphone

  • Smoke machine

  • Party lights

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